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Google My Business Package $229

( Monthly Link Building )

( One Off Order)

Local Search Optimization


What You Are Getting In This Package




5 Keywords


1 Locations

Page 1 Guarantee


  • Latitude and Longitude Finder to find GPS coordinates
  • Geo Tag Images
  • Google Map Post
  • Plot Multiple Locations on Google Maps
  • Youtbe Channel and Two HD Geo Located Videos

After Ordering Instructions

  • Send us an email with subject along the lines of…. ” GMB Local Map Service ordered‘ etc.
  • Send your order details/PayPal Transaction ID to labrairenmarketingservices@gmail.com
  • Provide us the Information Required Below *.
  • Your Order Number/Paypal Transaction ID
  • Your Email Address For Reports

Disclaimer: We take the freedom of choosing who we want to do business with and have the freedom of rejecting any campaigns to prevent possible scams and problems.

Information Required

  • Citation Details

    • Company Owner/Contact Person:
      Business Name (use the EXACT company name as in MyCompany, Inc. consistently across all submissions. Do not mix it up with variations like MyCompany, LLC or MyCompany Corp. or just MyCompany):
    • Street Address:
    • Suite/Office (if any):
    • City:
    • State:
    • Zip/Postal Code:
    • Business Primary Phone Number:
    • Toll Free # (if any):
    • Fax# (if any):
    • Business Category #1 (at least one is required):
    • Business Category #2:
    • Business Category #3:
    • Website Address:
    • Primary Email Address :
    • Secondary Email Address (if any):
    • Brands you sell or use (if any):
    • Products/Services – comma separated up to 200 characters :
    • Year Established:
    • Hours of Operation:
    • Languages Spoken:
    • Payment Methods Accepted:
    • Tagline (if any):
    • Company logo: (have a digital copy handy to add to sites that ask for it and/or have a URL for one)
    • Service Areas (cities, counties states or radius from your office – e.g within 50 miles of my office):
    • Contractor#/License# (if any) :
    • Business Images (have handy some examples of your work that you can add to the listings and/or have a URLs for them) :
    • Company owner picture (have a digital copy handy to add to sites that ask for it and/or have a URL for it):
    • Video URL’s – (if you have a YouTube account, get the code for any videos that you would like to include on your site:
    • Short description of your business – no more than 200 characters
    • Long description of your business – length varies by website
  • Gmail Account – Important. Plz read carefully

    • To set Google properties like, Google Site, Google DOCS, Google Photos, Google Spread Sheet, Google Drawing, Google Drive and more
    • We need Google Credentials with Recovery/Security answers like Phone, email, etc.

    You can also make us admin on labriarenmarketingservices@gmail.com

    Note – Send Us the above Log in details. If you don’t have the details, then let us know & we will set the account.

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